Magnum Geo-Solutions provides engineering support during assessment, the design

and the installation stages for foundation projects.

• Foundation repair and underpinning

• New construction piles

• Tension anchors

• Highway and bridge repairs

• Tiebacks

• Shoring

• Specialized All-Steel Foundation Systems

• Slab lifting and void filling

• Earth anchors and slope stabilization

• Retaining wall design

• Load testing assistance

• Shoring and underpinning


Foundation Support Services are offered

in the following industries:

• Commercial

• Industrial

• Government

• Residential

• Oil & Gas

• Power Transmission

Our History

Magnum Geo-Solutions, LLC was created in 2009 to provide Engineering support to Magnum Piering, Inc. This support included the design and testing of new products, a quality control program, dealer support, design-build projects, value engineering proposals, educational seminars, and technical assistance to engineers, architects, and the general public. Having a previous working relationship with Magnum Piering, Dr. Howard Perko,  was hired on full time to over-see these goals for Magnum Geo-Solutions.


Dr. Perko immediately set to work designing the Magnum helical pile product line. A product line that is now well known in the foundation industry. Leading an energetic staff, he established Magnum Geo-Solutions presence  by providing technical support and training to installers, coordinating helical pile product testing and routinely conducting educational seminars on a nationwide basis.


Additionally, Dr. Perko has authored over 40 technical papers relating to helical piles and helical anchors.  He is also on the board of trustees for DFI and a trustee liaison to the helical foundations & tiebacks committee as well as the electric power systems foundations committee.  Dr. Perko has even authored a textbook on helical piles - Helical Piles: Practical Guide to Installation and Design, John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY, U.S.A.